WHY SPACEBAR » Spacebar - Mississauga coworking space and event venue
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The question we get asked most often is: how do we create a workspace that fosters innovation, connects neighbors, and brings together a community of entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and remote professionals in the suburbs?

We have been in your shoes for over 10+ years with no where to work close to home, difficulty separating work and personal life, and most importantly feeling uninspired working in a silo. We figured out the magic formula to creating the perfect balance home office away from home. This is how we do it:

We Get Personal. 

From your first day pass visit to the way we connect every day when you’re a member, the community and the founders get involved with you so you can be inspired over thoughtful exchanges, grow with collaborative support, and have access to an extended network on your worst and best days!

Always Real.

We aim for honest, authentic, deep connections over catered lunches, spontaneous road trips to TIMs and daily Netflix debates. (No spoilers permitted!)

We’re In Your Backyard.

We are as close as close can get. We want you to go as far for us as you would for your coffee (so, not too far at all!). No more fighting traffic, or being stuck working from your lonely home.

Wellness Wednesday. 

Besides the exercise balls, you’ll find floating around as alternative chair options you will find fresh fruits and salads picked up weekly, healthy snacks, herbal teas, and the water cooler to keep you hydrated. We keep it fresh by planning monthly member events. Anything from a Yoga+Breakfast to a Charity Run or a Massage Day. We’re even excited to hear your cool ideas!


Standing desks are the best half-break! Your body is resetting itself but your brain is still going. We hand-picked highly-adjustable, eco-friendly leather-backed chairs and swivel stools where every member can find a comfortable setting for themselves or just take a spin-break if that’s what they prefer!


YES – we know that’s not spelled right. We host workshops, but who doesn’t? Our workshops are better – because we build them around you! Do you want to excel at public speaking? Need a starter coding class or just want tips from a marketing pro? You ask we bring it! (Did you know we even host kidpreneur workshops?)

We Believe in You. 

In the commitment and energy, you put into your work. We want to share our resources, offer support and cheer you on for every milestone you hit.

If you’re ready to start working, get in touch and we’ll be thrilled to give you a tour and welcome you home!